Utopia    Real Home 02 Mar 2017

The elegant real reader’s home that effortlessly balances oriental and classic designs

Stylish and sophisticated – and bathed in plenty of natural light – this elegant scheme balances oriental influences with classic feminine lines.

Capaciousness is key when considering your bathroom design. Fortunately, due to this couple’s children having ‘flown the nest’, they were able to knock through into an unused room, parallel to their bedroom. This enabled the creation of a capacious bathroom in the former spare room, while the existing en-suite space was transformed into a luxurious walk-through dressing room. The ultra-elegant dressing room looks directly into the large freestanding bath, creating a focal point that visually draws the eye through the dressing room and straight into a calming and sensual spa experience.

The couple were keen for the design to be “modern and light, but with some traditional features and a touch of glamour.” The predominantly neutral scheme, contemporary bath and brassware ensure the look is modern, while the Shaker-style furniture succeeds in adding a traditional touch, and the mirrors and complementary lighting ooze glamour. The couple turned to Louise Home, at The Brighton Bathroom Company, to undertake this demanding project. The company’s end-to-end service allowed the homeowners to have their dream design, layout and style scheme, with a perfectly personalised aesthetic.

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Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine