Utopia    Real Home 21 Feb 2017

Take a look at how Mark Taylor transformed this stunning woodland property kitchen


Nestled within a stretch of natural woodland, this property needed a kitchen that would give an enchanting welcome to match its idyllic setting.

Taking recommendation from their trusted interior designer, Charlotte Jackson of Nice Brew Design, these homeowners turned to Mark Taylor to transform their forest-focussed dreams into reality. The couple envisaged a sociable area, incorporating a large island that would act as a central point for cooking, chatting and casual dining. However, this kitchen needed to suit both family and friends. The duality of its use meant elements such as the wine cabinet were essential for when the hub of the home turns into ‘party central’, but with two young children, everything must also be family friendly, easy to clean, and safe for explorative little fingers.

Mixing materials in this design worked wonderfully to add depth and character to the scheme. Blending flush-fitted cabinet doors, in a pale ‘James 108’ blue, with solid Calacatta white marble worktops and fiery copper cladding, the kitchen strikes a perfect balance between cool, modern serenity and originality and quirk-appeal. This creative mix layers multiple dimensions in the one room, adding visual interest to the design and suiting the room’s zoned aesthetic – which dissects the kitchen into cooking, lounging and dining areas.

A trio of pendant light above the island, bespoke illuminated skirting, and LED plinth lights, ensure the room is kept brightly lit during the evenings. During the daytime hours, the collection of large windows – positioned toward the far end of the kitchen  – flood the space with natural light and provide stunning landscape views all year round.

The addition of copper elements brings warmth into this cool, modern scheme. Copper-clad plinths, fire box, base of the island, and skirting all assist in adding a homely character to the kitchen. The material’s understated red-orange hue is reminiscent of natural warm autumnal colours, meaning that, although ultra-contemporary, the kitchen perfectly assimilates into its naturally abundant location.

High-tech, professional-standard appliances enable this kitchen to work harmoniously for social occasions and for everyday family use. A Siemens induction hob and Elica downdraft extractor are integrated into the central island. Their flush-fit appearance means the appliances are easy to use, but do not distract from the island’s sleek aesthetic – ensuring the space is a suitable gathering zone, as well as a practical cooking area.

Although occasionally of greater financial expense, going bespoke can offer a huge amount of benefits for your kitchen. By selecting a bespoke designer, the owners of this luxurious property were able to incorporate all elements of their dream design. This included their must-have central island, the intriguingly angular structure of which required a lot of architectural consideration. The angled copper base meant that the designers needed to consider the correct balance of weight to ensure the structure would be steady and durable.


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