Utopia    Real Home 26 Sep 2017

This stunning contemporary kitchen is spacious, practical and finished in the family’s favourite colour

The design team at Cococucine were instructed to create a large minimalist contemporary kitchen providing a multi-functioning space, to enhance an exceptional new-build residence, with a large fridge and freezer, and a coffee station which closed when not in use. It was also a priority to have a large island for the family of six to have casual meals.

“Our house is a new build and we wanted the kitchen to be very much the heart of the home, with an open plan space for the whole family to congregate,” said homeowner, Catherine El-Gamal. “The key was quality, we wanted the best fixtures, fittings and appliances.” Proper refrigeration was a big priority for the family, as this was something their previous kitchen had been lacking. The Gaggenau Vario refrigerator, freezer and wine cabinet were at the top of their wish list.

“The open plan design was very much a key element overall too, so we had more room for the kids to play and a larger dining area to eat together and entertain,” says Catherine. “I know this is now becoming a cliché but our kitchen is very much the social hub of the home, we wanted a quality kitchen that was a little different and personal to our taste. We definitely achieved that and are delighted with the result. It all works visually and functionally.”

Lewis Preston, Cococucine designer, says it’s really important to do your research before choosing a kitchen design, to ensure you make informed choices on style and quality. “Large kitchens like this one are tricky to get right but this is where a good kitchen design studio
comes in, as the balance between design and space planning is of paramount importance,” he said. “The key is to ensure you have all the vital zones that make up a kitchen whether it’s the prep, cooking or refrigeration areas, and they’re not too close to each other but also not too far away either. Making every area count is also of equal importance and vital in a large space, together with design air of course.”

Lewis said by far the most challenging element of the entire project was lifting the 3m by 1.5m granite worktop. “It weighed 360kg and took 12 men to lift in place,” he said. It was certainly worth it though! The kitchen is stylish, contemporary and luxuriously and sits perfectly within the large open plan space giving the visual impact the homeowners wanted.

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