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A secret sanctuary – this striking basement spa is the hidden haven you’ve always longed for…

This elaborate basement spa, featuring a heated pool, Jacuzzi, gym, sauna and steam room was created by Elite Stone along with a stylish and entirely bespoke ensuite bathroom, inspired by the very latest in Italian interior design.

Both the spa and ensuite bathroom each had an individual and distinctive brief. The spa and pool area has a predominantly black palette. Black and gold mosaic tiling was used around the pool, with underwater creatures, such as jelly fish, picked out with the gold tiling. The effect was completed with a stretched black fabric ceiling. The black effect worked very well with the dramatic green of the newly created Zen Garden, viewed through a large window at the end of the pool. The Mosaic was also used in the bespoke designed Turkish bath over curved and sculpted seating, giving the space a tactile and owing effect.

The white bathroom, a direct and deliberate contrast to the spa area, features Paonazzo Marble on the wall and Cremo Delicato inlaid with Tuscan Oak on the floor. The Elite Stone team were instructed to achieve a cool, contemporary and spacious feel for the ensuite using light, reflective surfaces, primarily achieved with the use of individually selected white ‘bookmatched’ marble.

There were many different types of craftsmanship required for cutting and fitting the marble, all supplied by the Elite Stone technical team, but the bookmatched marble is perhaps the most outstanding decorative feature and the most difficult to achieve.

“A really special feature of the white ensuite bathroom is the bookmatched marble wall, which demands a mastery of marble cutting,” said Tetyana. “The special technique involves cutting blocks of natural stone into slabs by a large saw which works like a bread slicer.

“Once the slabs are cut, they are laid at to
be polished, and then bundled together in the same order at the other end of the processing line. Book-matched slabs are slabs which were right next to each other, but have been polished on opposite sides. When these slabs are placed side by side, you will see that they are a near mirror image of each other. Veining can be matched up to create one unbroken pattern.”

Tetyana Kovalenko manages two vast buildings outside Verona; the Slab Division and the new Atelier, which opened in February this year, as a showcase
for innovative decorating ideas using marble, onyx, semi-precious stone, and back light panels.

She supervises every aspect of the company,
 from their associated Carrara quarries, to the design of glittering room sets. Elite Stone projects include installations for the Mariinsky Theatre,
in St Petersburg, a spectacular staircase at 50 St James’s, in London, as well as a variety of houses and hotels in New York, Paris, the Cote d’Azur, Russia, Rio de Janeiro, Canberra, Lagos and Israel.

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