Utopia    Real Home 16 Nov 2017

A luxurious bathroom added the finishing touch to this Parisian private home in Buttes-Chaumont  


Located on a luxury residential estate in Buttes-Chaumont, this private family apartment needed a complete re-work to create a spacious, breathable layout.

Headed up by Architect Glenn Medioni, the design team set to work enlarging the children’s room, increasing the liveable space and adding a corridor that played with the longitudinal layout of the house, before moving on to the bathroom. Thanks to the new structural layout, the bathroom became a central point within the home and therefore required a striking aesthetic that would make it truly stand out.

For the brassware, Medioni selected the Diametro 35 in a simple chrome finish, which, alongside a striking contemporary design, boasts an ECO water flow – that uses less than nine litres of water a minute – and a handy 360º swivelling spout. The ultra-modern basin solution is a simple slope, that flows down from the worktop down toward an enclosed gutter system. The light, neutral finish of the vanity unit and mixer tap truly stand out against the striking pure-black surrounding walls and large wall-hung mirror – that, in turn, helps create the illusion of a larger space.

Practical and stylish, this gorgeous design creates the perfect everyday environment for the young family.

Ritmonio | ritmonio.it