Utopia    Real Home 13 Oct 2017

A large stainless steel island stands centre stage in this sophisticated, minimalist scheme

The look we were hoping to achieve was sophisticated, yet simple and sleek,” says Pia Rosling, Designer
at Sola Kitchens. “Mrs Feltham loved the idea
of a stainless steel island combined with a back wall of white units. She didn’t want the main sink or the cooker on the island though.”

“We had seen pictures from another of Sola Kitchens’ projects with a stainless steel island which we fell in love with,” explains Mrs Feltham. “We loved the combination of the stainless steel island together with the units to the back in white. We wanted to have a very modern feel to the space.”

Although the homeowners have said the design process was relatively stress free for them, it was not without its complications for Pia and her team.

“Half way through the project, we were told we needed to design a space for the boiler pipe flue
to run along the sides of the tall oven housing.
During the whole process, we were so mindful of
the placement of the island to the back run – we eventually had to move everything over 100mm
to make sure we had enough of a service void to accommodate the pipes!” she says. “We also went back and forth with the client about the various different options we could have on the sides of the island. Stone waterfalls all the way down to the floor or the stainless-steel panels running to the plinth. After many iterations, we finally decided to go steel all around.”

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Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine