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The kitchen of this Georgian townhouse blends a cute country look with gorgeous eclectic elements

Stoneham Kitchens’ latest project encapsulates cute country charm. Located in a listed Georgian townhouse in the not-so-new-area of Edinburgh New Town, which was originally conceived in the mid to late 18th century and holds a myriad of historic gems, including this beautiful boutique-style home.

Alongside a striking scheme, the kitchen’s design is eminently practical too – featuring a collection of clever design elements that work to conceal appliances and work area when they are not in use, ensuring the space is always set for some friendly entertaining as well as day-to-day life.

Standing as an effective centre piece for the room, the spacious Stoneham Kitchens island – sourced, as with the remainder of the kitchen, from retailer Kitchen s International – is encircled with cabinetry and topped with a 20mm thick polished Silestone worktop. The solid oak breakfast bar and matching bar stools dramatically contrast against the serene white colour scheme and work to inject a homely warmth into the space. This ensures the scheme is not overwhelmed by the bright white tones and minimalistic aesthetic; instead, the golden-brown tones in the wood draw the eye and welcome you into the space.

To balance the form and function, the island also features an integrated sink which can be concealed when not in use, by sliding across a matching oak platform. For the homeowners, this means that, depending on the demands of the kitchen, the island space can be employed as a functional cooking zone or an elegant display area. The far wall similarly boasts alcoves that house the microwave and kitchen tools and can be easily hidden away using the chrome shutters – altogether making for an extremely versatile design.

This small interjection of the chrome shutter, alongside the eye-catching teal-like shade that surrounds the dining area, the homeowner’s own contemporary artwork and a scattering of vintage trinkets and crockery enlivens the minimal kitchen. These subtle touches transform what could have been a simple, stark aesthetic into a characterful and eclectic space that is utterly charming.

We spoke to designer Stuart Miller, about the delicate details that went into this design: “This project was an absolute pleasure for me, albeit a bit of a challenge! Set in a listed Georgian townhouse, the entire property was refurbished from basement to roof, transforming a classic home to a contemporary space, with no exceptions made in the kitchen. Using traditional elements such as oak and a neutral colour scheme, we combined these with clever features to create a truly unique room. The drawers and cupboards are all soft-close and handleless, and on the impressive island, the sink can be expertly concealed using a sliding timber platform. The client, Josie, couldn’t be happier with the final result and has added her own special touches to the room including some pieces from her modern art collection and a vintage dining bench to achieve a charming, stylish look.”

Stoneham Kitchens’ collections are available from retailer Kitchens International.

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