Utopia    Real Home 18 Jul 2016

How a lavish Dubai villa was transformed into a modern design masterpiece


A lavish Dubai villa underwent a complete refurbishment to transform it from a classical creation to a modern and minimalist designer’s dream.

This extraordinary property was not just another house to designer, artist and director of BIA, Ana D’Castro, but was somewhere she would eventually call home, and the personal connection is certainly evident in its striking aesthetic. Located in luxurious Dubai, the aptly named ‘Art House’ project involved an architectural renovation, interior redesign and landscaping; equating to a complete makeover for this eclectic Emirati establishment.

The main aim for the redesign was to create an open layout, so the kitchen, dining and living spaces could slot seamlessly together. This works to visually connect the areas, alongside extending their functional limits. The villa is built in an L shape, with the living and dining areas extending towards the garden. This allows for a generous influx of natural light due to their surrounding full-height windows, evoking the notion of alfresco dining. This light, fresh and minimalist aesthetic also extends towards the kitchen. Its eight metre sliding glass door leads to the back garden and a transparent glass wall intersects the kitchen and dining area, which while maintaining the visual fluidity, also helps during hosting, allowing the cook to always be in sight, yet no unwanted aromas can escape to distract your guests.

The kitchen boasts a five metre-long kitchen island, designed by the owner herself, specifically to suit her kitchen’s dimensions. She chose a striking Spanish Volga blue granite, straight from the quarry. The predominantly black stone smoothly coordinates with the sleek cabinetry, while the bright blue crystals complement the creative geometric design and add a pop of colour and sparkle to the kitchen. The monolithic backdrop of cabinets, which stretch from floor to ceiling, are all cast in a black lacquer finish and were designed by Ana and produced in a local carpentry. The cabinetry houses integrated appliances from Teka, which complement the seamless design, similarly to the minimalist ceiling extractor hood, located above the island.

One of the main features of this exquisite villa is the three metre-long dining table, crafted from one singular piece of Tamarindo wood, and supported by a large steel base. This exotic piece is just one of the elements which contribute to the overall art gallery façade of the home. Its simple colour palette and clean design is offset by striking artistic pieces, including the large oil canvas, painted by Ana specifically for the kitchen area.

To give a final quirky touch to this uniquely artistic home, the floors are crafted from polished concrete. This contemporary selection of flooring extends throughout the villa, to embrace a raw, urban feel, while maintaining the visual connection between the zones of the home.


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Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine