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Forget the walk-in wardrobe, walk-in showers and wetrooms are the latest property trend

Venture into uncharted territory to take your showering experience to the next level. Walk-in showers and wetrooms are convenient, hygienic and offer a bold, stylish look that will suit a contemporary or traditional scheme

For those who take their showering experience seriously…

A walk-in shower is the most convenient addition to a modern home. A long soak in a deep tub is hard to beat, but a liberating and easily accessed shower, unrestricted by close-fitting cubicle doors or, dare I say it, an unhygienic shower curtain, offers rewards of its own…

Showers are invigorating; they rejuvenate and prepare us for the day. They are conveniently ready to go when we are and their temperature can be (almost) instantly adjusted… but a walk-in shower takes the experience to a new level of ease and comfort.

Flush fit or concealed trays unify the shower with the surrounding area while at the same time removing a trip hazard, and where you were once restricted by an enclosure, a walk-in design is only limited by the walls of the bathroom.

Don’t be put off by the 21st-century vibe. A walk-in shower or wetroom can offer a slick contemporary aesthetic, however, it can also complement a traditional scheme. Available in  all shapes and sizes, they can be paired with any shower system, whether that’s a modern flush-fit rainfall shower or an industrial bar shower fixing with an exposed pipe.

Even the smallest bathroom can accommodate a walk-in shower. If you prefer an invigorating rainfall to a relaxing bathe, why not remove your space-consuming bath and opt for a roomy shower in its place? A single glass panel can guard the rest of your bathroom from water splashes or, for an unconfined option, consider transforming your bathroom into a wetroom — it won’t matter which part gets wet and you needn’t occupy space with a glass partition.

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