Utopia    Real Home 27 Jul 2017

This extraordinary design has a beautiful façade, shapely lines and a stone heart

Elite Stone has created a trio of magnificent bathroom designs, which all revolve around a cool marble centre. The company describes its marble creations as ‘a gown of high fashion made to measure’; their unique stylish stones will add elegance and drama to any bathroom, and be sure to impress guests.

The opulent gold-hued scheme (featured) is the bathroom of the luxurious Villa Dragonwyck, located in the exclusive residential area of St George’s Hill, London. To suit its suave location, the design team at Elite Stone had to craft showstopping scheme that would envelop the homeowner in a world of opulence, regality and relaxation.

The unique bathtub is crafted from white marble and features an incredible faceted design, which appears to ‘grow’ from the ground up – with the slimmer base blossoming into a wider open top. The bath is positioned on a floor of Cremo Delicato marble, with inlays of wood and brass that craft a repetitive pattern, leading up to the rear wall. Clad in bookmatched Calacatta Borghini Imperiale marble, the rear statement wall features a magnificent mixture of gold, grey and cream hues that demand attention, while the intricate veining pulls into a central, aptly lavish, diamond shape.


Elite Stone | elitestone.it