Utopia    Real Home 02 May 2017

This cool and contemporary real home combines a blend of our favourite saucy shade – Grey

Starting from a complete blank canvas, Mr and Mrs Bevan sought the help of the experts and designers at Masterclass and Sigma 3 to create their dream kitchen. The couple were having a large extension added to their property, within which they wanted to fit a cool, contemporary kitchen and large dining area.

Masterclass advised the Bevan’s to select the striking Sigma 3 H-Line handleless kitchen to create the desired ultra-contemporary aesthetic. “We used solid walnut to create the surf board style seating area on the island,” said Daniel Thomas, Design Consultant at Sigma 3 Ltd. “Originally the homeowners were looking at wooden style doors on the island, but when I suggested doing a feature area around the seating area of the island rather than a standard overhang we decided that the colours were clashing too much. This is when we came up with the Graphite colour for the island. The room was big enough and light enough to accommodate the darker colour and it gave a nice contrast to the light worktops and the light grey doors of the tall housing.”

However, though now appearing sleek and seamless, this contemporary kitchen provided plenty of challenges for its designers. “A major issue was the dishwasher: normally we need a full size cupboard door in order to hide a 60cm dishwasher, therefore we would have had to stop the flow of drawers around the island,” said Daniel. This would have disrupted the continuous flow of drawers around the island, which provides the quirky, contemporary and characterful nature for the kitchen. “To get around this issue,” continued Daniel, “I decided we would integrated the dishwasher into a larder cupboard. In order to do this I needed a dishwasher that didn’t need a handle to open – Neff provided the perfect model, with a touch sensitive door, that meant we could incorporate the dishwasher without a handle that would scarper the handleless aesthetic.”

“This wasn’t easy to do as we effectively had to build the whole tall bank of units around the dishwasher. The result is a fully working dishwasher that is completely hidden away in a place where you would never look for the dishwasher as it is completely hidden in a tall bank of units,” explained Daniel.

The detailed design resulted in a truly beautiful kitchen, which combined Lumina Light Grey, Lumina Graphite and Blanco Stellar Silestone worktops. The colour combination is ultra-contemporary and due to its high gloss finish, makes this modern kitchen appear to shimmer like real silver.


Advice from the expert:

“Don’t be afraid to do something different and think outside the box in order to achieve the perfect kitchen. In this day and age kitchens don’t come cheap so why would you want a design that looks the same as someone else’s? Do a lot of research and make a shortlist of what you like and pass it to a designer. Personally, I will always design a kitchen using as many unique features as possible. There is very rarely a time when I have to say to a customer “sorry, that can’t be done” – the flexibility Sigma 3 kitchens have in terms of being able to create special units on top of the 18,000+ standard units available means that you can really get the perfect custom/unique design without paying through the nose for the privilege.”

Daniel Thomas, Design Consultant, Sigma 3 Ltd


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