Utopia    Real Home 07 Aug 2017

Catwalk to kitchen – this stunning scheme proves why shades of grey are topping the trends

This sophisticated kitchen boasts an air of serenity – its multi-textural grey scheme is totally on trend, while the combination of materials dissects the space into a multitude of different facets to create an interesting visual experience.

To ensure the kitchen remained entirely contemporary, the lustrous lacquered gloss grey finishes of the island and cabinetry are partnered with quirk matt finishes – giving the glamorous scheme and industrial edge. Nestled snugly into the custom-cabinetry-island is a delicately crafted niche feature with mitred edges and corners. Not only does this element add shape and a further dimension to the design, but its highly polished parameters also reflect the light emitted from the ceiling spotlights – exuding an air of glamour and luxury.

Rebelling against the silver scheme crafted by the Rempp Perth and Rempp Cliff cabinetry, in Smoky Glass and Concrete Dark finishes, respectively, a bronze mirrored panel was fitted to the rear wall – acting as a practical splashback and striking visual statement. Its mottled, worn texture creates an interesting dialogue with the remainder of the gloss finished kitchen – the golden hue helps tie in the rose gold coloured Tom Dixon Melt pendant lights, and both elements add a welcome warmth to the cool grey surroundings.

The melted orb shape pendants also create an interesting juxtaposition against the strict lines of the kitchen. Functionally, it was important to ensure the homeowners had full control over the brightness of the pendants and spotlights – as the couple enjoy entertaining, so different atmospheres and moods are required for each occasion – therefore, the entire lighting system is dimmable.

John McNeil of Haus 12 commented: “The angle we took was all about design, using special productions, factory one off pieces etc. We aimed to be as innovative as possible, right down to the pattern on the wood shelving. I sent Spekva, in Denmark, a picture of the specific grain pattern we wanted to achieve and had it accurately recreated. The final result exceeded everyone’s expectations, and the clients are very proud of what has been designed for them.”

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