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A capacious extension allowed for this fashion forward family to create their dream kitchen

After living abroad for many years, the Hoffman family moved into this stunning terraced townhouse, situated in West London. However, with two
young children and a new baby on the way, the current space didn’t quite meet the needs of their growing family. So after a full refurbishment of the property, and the arrival of baby number three, a sizeable extension was added to the back to create a luxurious, family-friendly kitchen.

To create their dream design, the couple turned
to Pia Rosling and Izel Venhar, designers at Sola Kitchens. Working within the new extension,
the designers didn’t have to work around any existing period features, ensuring that a fresh, contemporary scheme was possible. Pia and Izel took inspiration from Kirstine’s personal style. “Her design ethos has roots from the Scandinavian design tradition that less is more. So she wanted a kitchen in a monochromatic colour scheme,” said Pia. The colour scheme also reflected the family’s desire for a bright, clean aesthetic.
“It’s a really busy place,” explained Kirstine. “So having a clean look was essential. We wanted a space which would exude a calm and tranquil tone, as we spend all of our time in the kitchen.”

The simple, yet elegant aim for this space was achieved through the use of black- finished cabinetry and dining chairs, dark painted walls and slick, white, tall cabinetry and worktops. “The accent colour from the red bar stools give the final touch to the design,” continued Pia. The vibrancy of this ravishing red helps add warmth to the minimal scheme while red appliances help to further accentuate this. The exposed brick wall similarly adds warmth to the room, and injects a creative texture to jar against the matt finish of the cabinetry.

During bright summer days, the glass sliding doors
– which encompass nearly the whole back wall – allow for an influx of natural light to flood into
the kitchen. However, during darker periods, some artificial lighting was required. The black Tom Dixon lamps above the island complement the ceiling- integrated spotlights. For this part of the project, they collaborated with interior designer Nicola Mahal.

The Hoffman family needed a practical space that would work for their young family. “We designed a wall of tall cabinetry to host everything from a crockery larder, food larder and breakfast station, to a duo of ovens,” said Pia. “We also positioned the gas hob and sink against the back wall to allow the island to stay as clean as possible.” Positioning the hob and sink on the same run also works well to craft a small working triangle; meaning the user can move from zone to zone easily – not having to travel the extent of the kitchen while cooking.

The island was an essential addition to the kitchen. “The slatted cabinetry from the ‘Form 1’ range, in black stained oak, ensures the island stands as the natural centre point of the room. The breakfast bar completes the look, with the stone descending like a waterfall,” said Pia. This casual dining area is cleverly integrated into the island, and provides an easy-to- clean, practical area for the children to dine and play. “The children love to hide under this end of the island, and transform it into a mini fort, which is lovely,” added Kirstine. “The worktop is very thick too, with rounded edges and corners; this means the children can play there without getting hurt.”

The final touch to the design was an ingenious hidden storage facility. “The stairs leading from
the reception room presented an opportunity to create a secret storage space, which complements the linear shapes of the steps,” explained Pia. “The steps initially posed a challenge, because they could have potentially blocked bins and dishwashers but we managed to turn that into a unique feature by creating the hidden storage compartment.”

“I use it to store blenders, mixers and small appliances. This is great because it makes
it easy to keep these things out of reach
of the children,” added Kirstine.


Photography by Lind & Curnings Design Photography

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