Utopia    Real Home 02 Jun 2017

Calm, serenity and Zen balance are encapsulated in this cool Asian-inspired kitchen

“I was involved in the design of the whole house from both an architectural and interior spatial design perspective,” said Colin Wong, designer and director of Development Direct, “so I could
bring together the external and internal elements, to create a more holistic owing design. I
designed the whole kitchen scheme with inspiration drawn from my Asian background. I like to design schemes with a strong emphasis on ow, light and positive energy,” Colin continued. The kitchen, bathroom, and the entire property focus on the ancient Chinese discipline of Feng Shui. Admittedly, the placement of each element may not confirm strictly to the laws of the practise, but the calming, harmonious environment and perfect balance between materials, shape and light certainly adheres to the philosophy.

To craft this beautifully balanced kitchen, every element had to be carefully considered. “I was very wary that if I just plonked kitchen units against
the main kitchen wall with a standard island this wouldn’t add the desired tone of tranquillity. So I introduced a simple studwork frame to encapsulate the entire kitchen sink run,” explained Colin.

“To continue the simple lineage, I introduced high level wall units which were brought forward to line up with the depth of the tall units.”
The varying heights, shapes and integrated and exposed furniture adds a depth to the room.

“I felt that a pair of islands would give a sense of balance to the space, both of which offered differing functions. A cook-zone for one and a plating up
for the other,” explained Colin. The ‘plating up’ island also provides the opportunity for casual dining, with its bespoke American walnut breakfast bar. The bar itself was designed to appear akin to a sushi bar – reinforcing the Asian inspiration.
“A mirror splashback behind the sink offers reflections of the garden when sitting at the breakfast bar, adding to the whole spatial experience,” said Colin. “Ultimately the Asian scheme feels bespoke and sophisticated yet highly functional and achieves a harmonious holistic ow through the space into the lounge.”

Light was a key factor in this bathroom. Not only did the space need to follow the calming, Zen theme, to interlink with the remainder of the house, but equally, as a master ensuite, the room should provide the ultimate luxurious and calming experience. “The starting point of my design was the window position,” says Colin. “The window overlooked the private garden, so positioning

the stone bath right by it optimised the view.

“Considerate design detailing is the great success of this bathroom, to allow ow and calmness to be achieved while drawing your eye to the main features,” Colin added.

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