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An extensive renovation gave a family a stylish Scandi-style kitchen with industrialised simplicity

An extensive renovation gave a family of four the space for a stylish Scandinavian-style kitchen that exudes industrialised simplicity

After extensive renovations, including the construction of a large extension with a three metre-tall ceiling, Lucie Freedman and her family finally had the space for their dream kitchen; an attractive open-plan design that shares its space with an entertaining and dining area. Tim Higham, founder and director of Higham Furniture, was brought in to bring the Freedman’s vision to life.

What was the brief?

Lucie: “The general feel we wanted was ‘elegant industrial’. When we planned the extension we knew we were getting an open-plan space so we could have a social kitchen. My overall desire was to create an uplifting space that draws you in and invites you to linger!”

Tell us about the kitchen

Tim: “The cabinetry is a classic shaker style. The wall run features a range cooker beneath a concealed extractor hood. The drawers flanking the range offer plenty of storage and the cutlery is stored in a bespoke insert in one of the top drawers. There is a three metre-high larder cupboard with storage racks on the inside of its doors that can be used for bottles, spices and so on. There is also a subterranean wine cellar!”

Lucie: “The grand proportions and vast glazing give the kitchen an uplifting effect, and the industrial touches keep it accessible and liveable. Symmetry was very important to create a feeling of harmony – this makes the space relaxing and joyful. Features like the wood-burning stove and wine cellar keep it playful.”

Why did you choose this style?

Lucie: “I love the simplicity of Scandinavian style, and with a growing active family I knew that I didn’t want a ‘polished’ look.”

Was this very different from your existing kitchen?

Lucie: “Our old kitchen was very disconnected from the rest of the house. Although it was spacious and a ‘kitchen diner’ it did not flow well with the rest of the house and did not suit the way we live. I wanted to connect it with the rest of the house and maximise light, taking advantage of its south facing aspect. We wanted to drop the level of the back of the house to meet the garden to create a better sense of flow and to connect the kitchen not just with the rest of the house but with the garden as well.”

Are you happy with the end result?

Tim: “It looks fantastic! The scale and proportions in the room frame the kitchen perfectly but it has remained a functional working kitchen. The wood burner and lighting Lucie added have really completed the look.”

Lucie: “The kitchen now communicates with the living spaces and enables us to relax, play and entertain in a way which was not possible before. There is not a day that passes where I don’t appreciate the planning and thought that occurred to enable us to live in such an amazing space.”

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