kb-network    People 04 Aug 2017

Wilsonart UK has adopted Lean Six Sigma techniques to help underpin their operational excellence strategy

One of the largest manufacturers of decorative surfaces, Wilsonart UK has adopted the internationally recognised Lean Six Sigma techniques to help underpin their Operational Excellence strategy.

Lean Six Sigma is designed to eliminate waste, reduce unwanted variation and improve process flow. It is a combination of two powerful methodologies brought together to enhance overall customer experience and value, whilst keeping staff happy and motivated.
The Lean Sigma program was launched in 2015 in the UK and has now been deployed throughout Western Europe. With 88 registered projects and over 200 registered improvements to date, the foundations of this continuous improvement are being built on rapidly.

Scott Howdon, the UK Continuous Improvement Manager and local Black Belt explains “Wilsonart is dedicated to driving its business forward to achieve the best possible standards of service and stability for customers and the markets within which it operates.  Lean Sigma is a collaborative program that instils a nonstop enhancement culture.  We already have a strong base of 18 certified DMAIC practitioners at various Belt levels.”


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