Awards    People 31 Aug 2017

#ThrowBackThursday when David Stimmel won the International Design Award in 2015

It’s Thursday, It’s #ThrowBackThursday time.

Rewind back to 2015 when David Stimmel, Stimmel Consulting Group, USA won the International Design Award.

The homeowner’s brief for the ‘natural walnut’ kitchen was simple: ‘wow us’. The client who was in love with the look of natural wood in all forms, desired something of a more progressive look, more alive than just the typical dark wood or white painted kitchen that floor the internet or many interiors magazines.

Walnut in its natural form was used to create a more living style of cabinet, growing out of the home’s interior.

Designer David Stimmel opted to not offer a traditional island instead go for a large custom farmhouse table which could be move or shifted. The existing spiral staircase and low limiting storage loft were both removed and a 1950s-gallery kitchen expanded to enable this open concept. The space is divided into five diverse work zones: two zones left and right of the cook tops: a clean-up zone with a sink; a zone for baking and prep near the ovens; and a wet bar complete with concrete sink and storage.

The end result is a bright kitchen that does not feel like a workspace, and instead enhances the living environment of the home, with an earthy element reflected in unique one of a kind use of materials.

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