Utopia    People 27 Feb 2017

The New Kid on the Block Steuart Padwick on his inspirations, designs, and the future…


Steuart Padwick, bespoke furniture designer, talks about his new collection, inspirations, and future plans.

Having formerly studied at both the Parnham Furniture College and the Royal College of Art, Steuart Padwick is a creative and innovative designer with an abundance of fresh ideas.

Going back to basics, Steuart says his inspiration “comes from everything I see and touch. Sometimes I know what the inspiration is, for example my Walk desk was directly inspired by the Arne Jacobsen school desk. It is impossible not to be influenced by what one sees around.”

Indeed, items such as the Walk desk and Pig Bench both display beautifully conflicting designs. Albeit quirky, and somewhat humorous at first glance, these designs are also undeniably rooted in traditionalism – as made evident by Steuart’s nostalgic source of inspiration.

When finally addressing the future, Steuart remarked “I feel my career has only just started. I want to work in many more areas of design and with many more materials. I am currently designing new pieces of furniture and my new house, which I will be building next year. Following Decorex and Tent, I hope to open myself up to new serendipitous opportunities!”.


Steuart Padwick / steuartpadwick.co.uk