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We talk to Daniele Brutto from Hub Kitchens about the good, the bad, and the ugly

Today we have an exclusive interview with Daniele Brutto, in which he talks about good advice, bad positions, and ugly names.

How did you get into designing kitchens?
I’m a product designer by trade but have always had a keen eye on furniture design.  I knew someone who wanted to start importing Italian kitchens into the UK and it seemed like a good fit.  A visit to Milan Furniture Fair 10 years ago gave me all the inspiration I needed to set up Hub Kitchens. 

Which of your past experiences do you consider most valuable?
I think you really learn most from your mistakes rather than your successes – especially if you work for yourself.   I consider my blunders as my most valuable experiences as they rarely happen twice. 

Can you tell us a fact about yourself which will surprise us?
My last name translated from Italian means Ugly.

What is the best part about your job?
Interacting with people and creating designs that clients love. 

What is the toughest part about your job?
Dealing with suppliers who let you down and having to explain this to the client.  You become the middle-man which is a tough place to be sometimes.

If you could have four people as dinner guests, living or dead, who would you have, what would you cook, and what would you talk about?
Barack Obama – I would love to know what he really thinks of once being supposedly the most powerful man in the world.

Michael Schumacher – I love motorsport so this could be a long one, not sure where I would start!

My late Grandfather – I would simply like to get to know him better.

My wife – she would love to meet Barack.

I would cook Tortellini en Brodo as it’s my favourite Italian pasta dish of all time, it’s a very traditional pasta dish that my Nonna makes for me every summer when we visit Sicily.

Looking forward, what are you most excited about, and what are you most nervous about?
I’m most excited about growing my business and the Hub Kitchens brand.  We have some exciting new ideas for this year that will be revealed soon.

I’m most nervous about Brexit and its impact on our economy.

 What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Think of yourself as a sponge as you can learn from everyone and you should never stop absorbing.

If you were magically blessed to be impervious to failure, what would you attempt?
I would attempt to fly.

Can you describe your own kitchen for us?
I get asked this a lot but my own kitchen is terrible. I inherited it from the previous owner of my house, when I get home kitchens are the last thing’s I want to think about!

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