Designer    People 14 Mar 2018

We speak exclusively to Smeg’s Product Manager, Lucy King about the secrets behind ‘Smeg Connect’


  1. In essence, how does the technology behind the ‘Smeg Connect’ range work?

We’ve taken great efforts to introduce our first connected range – we wanted to ensure it was purposeful, had meaning and, overall, would be useful. For this reason, we’re starting off with a connected wine cooler, oven and dishwasher, which will be drip fed throughout the course of 2018 (the wine cooler being the first to roll out later this year).

The beauty of the connected wine cooler is that it connects to a dedicated Smeg app on your phone, so it’s incredibly simple to use and easy to understand. The app helps you keep track of the wine stored in your fridge, and you can also pair recipes with wines held in the cooler and link to online wine resellers when you need to replenish your stock.

You can also control the temperature and light of your appliance remotely, initialise a childlock, and store all service records and manuals internally.

  1. Are any products in Smeg’s new Linea range controlled by this same connected technology?

A certain number of items in Smeg’s Linea range feature our connected technology. For those not quite ready to take the plunge, you can also choose from standard appliances, which benefit from the same aesthetic style and technical innovation. We can expect our connected technology to be rolled out across other collections over coming years.

  1. Some of the products are still in development – what stage are they in now and what is the aim for the eventual finished products?

Whether a smart product or not, we’re always developing new products throughout the 1,200 strong UK range. There are many connected appliances being trialled and prototyped at the moment. At present, we’re starting with a wine cooler, oven and dishwasher – these are the models we believe customers will gain the most from but also the technology we have available at our disposal now. We’re currently completing some final tests on our connected wine cooler, which will be the first item to launch in around September 2018.

  1. How do you think high-tech and connected appliances are changing kitchen design?

Smart technology tends to be found on contemporary built-in ranges, meaning they are more often than not a feature of modern or minimalist homes. With this in mind, customers looking for connected or smart products to tend to opt for a clean, crisp design to reflect the nature of these products. That’s not to say brands won’t introduce connectivity on traditional-style range cookers and associated products in the future, however.

  1. How is home technology changing the day-to-day life of homeowners?

All technology – be it a kitchen appliance or even a radio or speaker – is there to enhance a customer’s lifestyle and needs. With smart kitchen appliances, then, technology is teed up to help transform the way we cook. The most obvious example of this is a connected oven – this will mean you can programme your oven whilst on the go.

  1. How far do you think the technology trend will go in the kitchen? What would you say would be the ultimate, high-tech kitchen appliance?

One that does all the hard work for you! In all seriousness, the opportunities are endless, but we continue to maintain our argument for useful, purposeful products. Smart technology is all very well and good, but it has to have meaning and work on so many levels.

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