kb-network    People 31 Jan 2018

Ray House, previously of Isaac Lord Distribution, joins Blum as Customer Services Representative

Naturally coming into contact with Blum products in his former role at Isaac Lord Distribution, Ray House was familiar with the company in more ways than one; as his brother, Andrew House has worked in Blum’s technical department for 25 years.

With his brother waxing lyrical about the company he works for, it is perhaps not surprising that Ray House decided to join Blum himself. “I think I was always destined to work for Blum,” he comments, “no one was surprised when I decided the time was right to move companies. I honestly don’t think I could work for a better company in this industry.”

Ray House is now a Customer Services Representative for the South West of England, managing relationships with distribution customers by ensuring they are well supported and resolving any problems.

The social side of Blum is an added advantage for House. “I play football after work with my co-workers, and am an enthusiastic, if unsuccessful, participant in the annual Blum fishing match,” he says. “I’m also looking forward to visiting Austria, which I believe is a fantastic experience.”


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