Designer    People 23 May 2017

This month we spoke to Cinzia Cumini and Vincente Garcia Jimenez, founders of Garcia Cumini

What made you choose a career in design?

Cinzia: I have been raised eating and breathing
 design so it was a natural consequence to me.

Vicente: I think because every project is different, there is no time to be
bored. It is not a mechanical way of doing things.


What is the best
 part of your job? 

Cinzia: The fact that every project is a new challenge.

Vicente: There are many interesting parts in this
 kind of job, probably one
 of the best is when you
 see a concept materialise 
in a physical form, and for the first time you look at it in all its new beauty.


What is the toughest
 part of your job?

Cinzia: When you love what you do, you’re able to find the positive aspect in every situation.

Vicente: Sometimes it would be nice to walk and not have to run.


Which have been your favourite projects so far and why?

Vicente: It’s impossible to choose. Projects are like children for us. Every project has memories, and every memory plays a part in making up our creative luggage over the years.


Who or what inspires you?

Cinzia: Creativity is an 
inner attitude but you have 
to cultivate and train it. Curiosity is fundamental.

Vicente: So many things inspire – nature, architecture, art, graphics, people, objects, colours, cities, childhood memories, family.


Current music choices:

Cinzia: From a musical point of view I am very eclectic.
I can listen and love classic music for a time and then fall in love with a dance track. 
It depends of my mood and specific needs in a particular time and place.

Vicente: Electronic, pop electronic, jazz, rock, 
Britpop 80’s and 90’s.


Favourite place
 in the world:

Cinzia: All the places I love are linked with beautiful family moments so my 
home and Menorca.

Vicente: Places are made by people – the rest is nature.
I like to be wherever the people I love happen to be.


Which famous designer (past or present) would you most like to invite round for a cup of tea?

Cinzia: Two pioneers of design – Charlotte Perriand and Ray Eames.

Vicente: Poul Henningsen, Jens Risom, and Alexander Girard.


Outside of work, what’s your passion in life?

Cinzia: Reading

Vicente: Gastronomy, running, cycling, travelling.


Which three words would you use to describe yourself?

Vicente: Red, green, and blue!

Garcia Cumini |
Published in Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine