Utopia    People 15 Jan 2018

Microbiologist and hygiene professional Lisa Yakas reveals the guide to keeping your sinks clean

Lisa Yakas, Project Manager of food equipment at public health company NSF, says the kitchen sink is the home’s primary breeding ground for harmful bacteria. But what is the best way to keep our sinks germ-free?

Of course, if you’ve been draining vegetables or pouring cold coffee into the sink, you can rinse the area immediately after. Beyond this, your sink should be disinfected weekly.

First, use hot water and dish soap to clear away any debris from food, which potentially harbours harmful germs. Then either spray the area with disinfectant and wipe, or use a disinfectant wipe, not forgetting to cover all of the fixtures.

For optimum hygiene levels, Lisa suggests that you pour diluted bleach down the sink’s plughole each month, followed by a thorough rinse of cold water. Alternatively, you could use a commercial drain unblocker, making sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

NSF | nsf.org