Awards    People 23 Oct 2017

Judge Grahame Morrison tells Designer Award winners “you gave this judge an extremely difficult job!”

With a month to go until the Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards, Grahame Morrison, Judge, Journalist and Contributor of Designer Kitchen & Bathroom magazine talks to us about how difficult it was judging this year’s entries.

“It is always an honour to be invited to be one of the judges of the Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards as it is the Gold Standard of design awards in the kitchen and bathroom sectors. And each year it serves as a reminder of just how rich in design talent both of these sectors are. Of course, this richness does make picking the eventual winner of each of the categories very difficult, and frequently the deciding factor between being a winner and a runner up is microscopically small. It is often said that just being picked as a finalist in a design award is an accolade and a demonstration of a designer’s skill, but in the case of Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards this is patently true. No other industry-wide, designed-based awards for kitchen and bathroom designers has the same track record as these awards. If you were one of this year’s finalists well done, you are in extremely good company! And if you are one of the category winners, I want you to know you gave this judge an extremely difficult job, but I thoroughly enjoyed doing it and congratulations for being one of the best designers working in kitchens and bathrooms.”


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