kb-network    People 19 Sep 2017

Inta has appointed Neil Amphlett as its new business and operations manager

Neil Amphlett has joined the company from International Piping Products, where he held the role of warehouse operations manager.

Speaking of the new appointment Inta director Cynthia Fisher said, “We were impressed with Neil’s experience in operations management and he’s made a great start in the business. We are working closely with him to make sure that Inta continues to provide an all-around excellent service to every one of our customers.”

Speaking of his appointment, Amphlett said “I’m introducing measurable KPIs in each department to see what further improvements can be made that will benefit both staff and our customers. Inta struck me as a business that was keen to improve across all areas, so I knew this would be a great place to continue to the next stage of my career.”

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