kb-network    People 14 Mar 2018

Grahame Morrison reports on ‘innovation in the industry’ with Hoover’s Steve Macdonald  

Hoover’s Steve Macdonald discusses his thoughts on the latest trends and innovation in the KBB industry, following on from kbb Birmingham.

Whilst appliance style is, and will always be as prominent as ever, the KBB industry is rapidly becoming a hotbed of innovation. Both aspects and an attitude towards embracing change was showcased wonderfully at this year’s kbb Birmingham, which triggered conversations such as how technology impacts style and just how the industry is evolving.

Style and aesthetics are, of course, a continual development in the industry and trends change year-on-year. However, this year, technology and movements in engineering – which can affect properties of building materials, for example – took ‘trends’ in a slightly different direction, moving away from a primary focus on style (though this is still incredibly important to consumers), creating user benefit developments that are more added value than just the look of materials and products alone.

Innovation, in this sense, doesn’t necessarily mean connected products, though this category is clearly having a big impact on the industry. It does mean smart as in clever, intelligent solutions to user and consumer problems. The sector is bursting with innovation, from design aspects, engineering that creates new properties and benefits, to the advanced tech that’s changing how we use home appliances.

To fully utilise new innovations, the industry needs to be open to elements of flexibility and change, which as discussed throughout exhibition seminars and live interviews at KBB, is something that some retailers, are reluctant to do.

The new features brought on by technological advancements, engineering or design have the ability to really impact consumers’ day-to-day lives. For example, we know that appliances that can suggest the most economical programme per load are of interest to many.  

There’s a wide range of impactful innovations on offer, but is the industry ready to fully embrace the change?

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