kb-network    People 01 Jul 2016

Former BLANCO Managing Director Ron Blount is honoured at the company’s UK HQ

Ron Blount, former managing director of BLANCO (UK), has been honoured by a square in his name at the BLANCO UK HQ and Distribution Centre.

The Ron Blount Square will greet visitors the company’s UK base and serve as a reminder of Ron Blount’s achievement in taking the sink manufacturer products from a distributor own label range of kitchen sinks and accessories and making it one of the major brands in the UK kitchen market.

Guests at the recent official unveiling included the current BLANCO team, Ron Blount’s family and Frank Straub, grandson of the founder, Heinrich Blanc.

Simon Hart, the current managing director of BLANCO UK, paid tribute to Ron saying that he had “transformed the business from a loss making company into the fantastic business it is today”, and Frank Straub – who had travelled from Germany specifically to be at this event – added: “Ron not only developed BLANCO but also shaped BLANCO UK into what it is today. He is a big important part of our company’s history.”

“It’s a great honour to have this recognition and it goes without saying how proud I am that there will be something permanent as a reminder of my tenure for many years to come,” said Ron. “It was a privilege to have spent the years working together with all of you in the BLANCO ‘family’ and together growing the brand to its current enviable position in the UK market.”

Picture shows: Ron Blount (left) and Frank Straub.