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Exclusive preview: Simon Bradford of Electrolux reveals the brand’s plans for Eurocucina 2018 

Prior to the brand’s showcase at Eurocucina in Milan, next month, we spoke to Simon Bradford, VP Design EMEA at Electrolux, to discover the company’s plans for the exhibition and get a few exclusive insights…

What does Electrolux expect from Eurocucina this year? What makes the trade show special?
We are excited for Eurocucina as this is one of the most important trade shows for us, not only in Europe but globally. What makes Eurocucina special in comparison to other trade shows is that design and overarching design trends are such important elements of the show – design to support the functionality of the appliance, to create an aesthetically pleasing product, and of course also to elevate the overall quality of the user experience.

What kind of products can we expect to see showcased at the Electrolux stand?
We will be showcasing new products within all key kitchen categories: induction, cold (fridges and freezers), ovens (especially for cooking with steam), ‘dishcare’, and hoods.

What will the focus of Electrolux be at Eurocucina? We are an experience-focused company and in the area of kitchen appliances we focus all our efforts on enabling people to make great tasting food. By putting consumer experiences at the heart of what we are doing we make people’s lives more enjoyable. So, demonstrating how we do this will be our focus at Eurocucina.

Can you elaborate on this?

Experiences are determined by true benefits such as intuitive use and design quality (which includes look, feel, finish) as well as by surpassing your expectations regarding the results you’ll achieve. Ultimately this is about truly experiencing how great that steamed chicken tastes with your new oven or how you get these perfectly fried pancakes with your new hob.

How has Eurocucina developed over the years that Electrolux has attended
Eurocucina has definitely become bigger and more international. The fair is spreading to new areas within the city and all types of design are explored. Besides furniture and appliances, we now also see more and more exhibits within the areas of digital and VR.

Are there any other key features of the show that visitors should look out for?
Look out for our Assisted Cooking Concepts area where visitors can explore a series of concepts that showcase the innovations Electrolux expects to see in future homes. The overarching theme stems from the evolving consumer demand for the products in their kitchen to alleviate the hassle of every day cooking. So visitors will, for example, be able to see ovens with horizontal sliding doors and glass that changes opacity based on proximity.

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