Designer    People 21 Feb 2018

Daniele Brutto from Hub Kitchens shares his tips for kitchen islands and peninsulas

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and increasingly a place where family gather at the end of a long day and guests are entertained. Kitchen islands and peninsulas are the perfect solution to this integrated living system, allowing hosts to socialise and prepare meals without compromise.

Below Daniele Brutto, Co-Founder of Hub Kitchens, explains the difference and importance in having a kitchen island or peninsula in your home.

“Islands and peninsulas are perfect for creating a natural focal point in the kitchen and allow for a greater storage and worktop space as well as creating an area for entertaining guests. You can usually fit more on an island design, so where worktop or storage space is not a luxury, a separate island or attached peninsula is the perfect solution for making more room.”

“Islands and peninsulas help divide a room and create zoned areas, whilst creating a dramatic focal point in the kitchen. Customers like the island to make a statement, either with bespoke design, standout colours or by combining finishes. Consider using contrasting elements on your worktop to create different workable zones. Stainless steel elements and inserts create an area for food prep, while combined with Fenix this will create a softer look.”

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