kb-network    People 27 Feb 2017

Co-founder of storage solution specialist Vauth-Sagel, Heinrich Sagel, celebrates his 80th birthday

Heinrich Sagel, co-founder of Vauth-Sagel, celebrates his 80th birthday.

55 years after founding Vauth-Sagel with his father-in-law Hermann Vauth, Heinrich Sagel has celebrated his landmark 80th birthday.

The second born son of a farmer, Heinrich studied agriculture and machinery at college before venturing into a world of mechanical engineering.

Starting with products for the food and dairy industry, including wire racks used for maturing cheese, the company soon started expanding their technology into the kitchen sector.

Just over half a century later, the German based company now has five separate business divisions and has established itself as an internationally renown storage solutions company.

Happy Birthday Heinrich, from all of us at kb-network!


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