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Celebrity chef and YouTube star Ian Haste reveals the secrets to being a culinary success…


We spoke exclusively to chef, YouTube star and Insta-famous foodie Ian Haste about his career, his home kitchen and his top tips for being a culinary success.


How did you get into cooking?

I’ve always been a keen cook ever since my Mum taught me how to do the basics in my teens; my Mum wanted to make sure I could make a good 5-6 dishes before I left home. I then turned my hand to professional cooking at 18, learning the basics in a local gastro pub in Norfolk. After many hours of practice, I progressed to head chef of a 150 covers restaurant. Nowadays though I prefer to cook for clients and for my social media channels. It’s a lot less stressful and I’m free to create whatever I like.


Are there any particular elements / appliances that homeowners should not live without?

For me, it’s got to be a Zip HydroTap located closely to the stove. I’ve had a chrome one in my family kitchen for about a year now, and just had the newly launched brushed gold HydroTap installed in my studio kitchen where I film for my YouTube channel. Both produce filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water and are a real game changer. I can have instant boiling water and be poaching eggs in seconds, add sparkling water to a tempura batter and my family and I love the taste of the filtered chilled and sparkling water – all other water now tastes horrible!


Are there any elements of your own home kitchen that you wouldn’t want to be without?

Again, I’d have to say a Zip HydroTap is a must have, not only from a cooking perspective, but it’s so important to keep the family hydrated. To encourage the children to drink more water and less sugary fizzy pop, we add fruit – such as strawberries or blueberries – to the filtered sparkling water from our Zip HydroTap. The sparking water gives you a stronger infused flavour, so it tastes incredible and means we all tend to drink more.

I also love Heston’s Sage appliances. I have used the mixers for everything and their Barrista coffee machine is always in use to kick start my mornings.


What do you most enjoy cooking? Is there a specific cultural cuisine you’re interested in?

I really enjoy Thai food and find the simplicity of their dishes something that I often lean towards. It’s healthy, relatively simple to master and the variety of dishes is endless. I also enjoy most British classics and will always cook up a massive Sunday roast, whatever the weather.


We have to talk about food fads! Do you have a favourite food trend at the moment, or equally, are there any which you truly despise?

My wife and I seriously hate the unicorn fad at the moment, I mean it’s just pointless, sorry! Stop ‘unicorning’ everything!

I do however love the large transition we’ve seen this past two years into high quality street vendors. It’s cool to eat from the streets now, and looking at the huge varieties of cuisines, you can see why. The image has changed so much since the humble burger and hotdog van.


The kitchen in your Instagram and YouTube videos follows a cool, industrial style; what made you select this style? And is this your home kitchen or a studio?

The kitchen I film in is actually my studio kitchen. It’s a fully functional with an industrial New York café kind of feel to the design. I love the brushed gold Zip HydroTap and brass accents with the exposed brick and wood – it’s a dream to film in.


Do you think the look and layout of your kitchen impacts your cooking experience?

Totally, I like everything to be at hand, so that moving around the kitchen is kept to a minimum and you can control your timings. I love really bright and airy kitchens and also industrial, however for me it always has to be classic rather than ultra-modern.


So, what styles should homeowners definitely avoid when it comes to the kitchen?

Definitely steer clear of any gloss black tops, they’re a nightmare to keep clean and you will always be fighting against the finger prints!


To see more from Ian, take a look at his delicious and inspiring videos… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh7ji8eGF_H_1p0Radr8ZAQ


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