Utopia    People 20 Jun 2017

We carry on the conversation with interior designer Rebecca Hughes on inspiration, materials and more…


Where do you get inspiration from for your designs?

Everything inspires me! Nature, fashion, art, objects, conversations with friends and family, I constantly want to be open to new ideas. I also like to take direct inspiration from the style of the home itself and the surroundings. Our client’s scarf inspired one of our recent schemes. We have also started an inspiration pin board in the office, where my team pin their favourite fabrics, wallpapers, trims and furniture images. If we come across certain fabrics we love we work hard to incorporate them into schemes.


Are there any particular materials which you really enjoy using?

I have recently specified a cross drag plaster finish for bedroom walls. I think the use of plaster finishes can transform a room. Plaster finishes can be a subtle addition to a scheme and inject a charming level of texture and finesse.


Do you think there are any essential elements which ‘make or break’ a kitchen design?

I think the worktops are a precious element which are often an after thought. Stone worktops are a sensational feature to any kitchen, especially when book matched. However, we understand not all budgets extend to stone and have often specified Corian worktops as an alternative. Corian comes in so many different colours and some designs mimic the movement of marble.


Have you completed any kitchen or bathroom which you think worked especially well?

We enjoy using metallic accents in unusual places. It provides a bespoke look and adds a luxurious edge to any room. We have recently designed several kitchens with toughened mirror splash backs. This has added glamour to what can commonly be known as quite a clinical or traditional space.


Rebecca Hughes | rebeccahughesinteriors.com