kb-network    People 04 Apr 2016

Bathroom Manufacturers Association announce host and first seven speakers for KBC 2016

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association, organisers of the Bathroom and Kitchen Business Conference 2016, has announced the host and the first of its seven speakers for the day-long event.

This year’s conference host is the BBC’s Sophie Long. Sophie is one of the main presenters on the BBC News Channel and the 8pm Summary on BBC1. She has covered many big stories and can regularly be found anchoring the channel’s output on location covering anything from weather storms to political storms and four general election campaigns.

Conference speakers will include Steve Head. Steve comes to conference highly recommended. During the past decade or so Steve has delivered over 1500 presentations in the UK and Europe. He is now one of the most sought after speakers in the UK. Steve challenges audiences to maximise their potential and improve personal and business performance. He will be speaking about change management – vital to the success of the drive to a circular economy.

“We are delighted that we have been able to secure the services of Sophie and Steve for the conference” said Yvonne Orgill, Chief Executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association. “Conference continues to develop and expand its reach, and to have them with us for the industry’s most important annual business event is excellent news.”

This year, the conference will probe an increasingly important subject, one which is becoming a major policy priority in the UK and European Union, and one which will inevitably impact on the UK’s Bathroom and Kitchen Industry.

This year, conference will investigate how enterprises not usually associated with bathrooms and kitchens tackle the corporate, social and economic consequences of cradle to cradle manufacturing, marketing and selling, whilst meeting customers’ needs.

The Bathroom and Kitchen Business Conference will be held at The Belfry in Sutton Coldfield. The conference day, proper, will be on Tuesday 4 October but ‘fringe’ activities including the Charity Golf Challenge which raises funds for the BMA’s favourite charity, The Childrens’ Burns Trust, will be held on Monday 3 October 2016.

For full conference details please visit the dedicated website at: