kb-network    People 01 Aug 2017

Bagnodesign, Redbrick showroom staff raise thousands for Yorkshire Cancer Research during bikeathon

Staff from the BAGNODESIGN Redbrick showroom in West Yorkshire have raised thousands of pounds for Yorkshire Cancer Research during their first charity event since the luxury bathroom showroom opened its doors in June. The charitable team of BAGNODESIGN staff raised the money while doing a charity bike ride which racked up an impressive 168 miles in total by the end of the weekend. The static bikes were set up on the ground floor of the showroom, with visitors digging deep to support the participants and donating cash to the worthy charity.

During the event, the Redbrick showroom donated a percentage of every sale from all concession directly to The Yorkshire Cancer Research Charity, with proceeds from staff and customer donations totalling in excess of £3,500.

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