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Steve Dickinson of Glen Dimplex discusses the benefits of making appliances on home soil

Steve Dickson, Headof Category for Range Cooking at Glen Dimplex Home Appliances, which owns the Belling, Stoves and New World brands, looks at the benefitsof making applianceson home soil…

Our UK manufacturing facility has been a major strength in bolstering our internal design culture. Having our headquarters in the UK has made it much easier to ensure our range cookers are aligned to the domestic British market, as UK consumers have quite a specific cooking style; we do more grilling than any other country, we like tall ovens and still prefer gas hobs.

Being based in the home market allows us to interact with other British designers, developers and architects, keeping the design of our range cookers aligned with changing
UK kitchen designs. In addition, our manufacturing facility offers us flexibility and the opportunity to develop technology and new range platforms on a short timescale, so we can react to market requirements more quickly, reduce product development time and introduce successful range cookers to the market, all things which are vital in remaining competitive.

Overall, I think British manufacturers are very good at developing products with enduring appeal. Our designers have a reputation for innovation and creativity, but crucially they can strike that delicate balance between form and function, producing range cookers that look good, whilst being usable, reliable and long-lasting.

We can trace each of range cookers back to
the individual craftsmen that built them and I think that focus on quality is
the secret to the enduring popularity of British brands. Retailers enjoy visiting our Prescot site as they
can physically see our collections of range cookers being built from the ground up. For us, making our range cookers in Britain has become a real point
of differentiation. Ours is a sector that’s becoming more globalised, commoditised and competitive, so achieving stand-out is
an ongoing challenge.

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