Designer    Opinion 06 Jul 2017

We speak to industry experts about the best ways to incorporate colour into kitchen designs

Wayne DANCE,Managing Director at InHouse for Schüller and NEXT125: “The trend for mix
and match has opened
the door to a multitude of options to put our own unique stamp onto our kitchens and a whole heap of exciting colours, including yellows.

And the trend for yellow
isn’t merely a fad, the
trend for coordinating and contrasting finishes presents real design advantages. It’s a great way of drawing the eye to a specific area, which in itself a useful design tool. Creating de ned areas in an open plan space can be tricky with uniform fronts and boards, often resulting in designs that look just a little too uniform. The contrast of colour or surface finish can create definition without detracting from the overall design.

Contrast doesn’t have to be just about creating definition though, it’s a great way to inject a little fun into the kitchen. For those not quite brave enough for the dramatic contrast of bold colours, but just as keen create some individuality, then sticking to a couple of door fronts can create real wow factor.

But nothing is set in stone and even yellow is no longer simply yellow! There are varying shades of yellow which when combined with blue, grey or neutral woods can really pack a punch in a contemporary setting.”

TONY MCCARTHY, Commercial Director, Crown Imperial: “Adding colour in the kitchen allows you the opportunity to stamp your own personality on a room. Neutrals and textures remain popular, subtly adding a tranquil feel to the kitchen and dining space. Alternatively mixing vibrant colours are uplifting, for example rich tones such as copper add warmth and are a great choice to kick start your day. We suggest selecting a colour ‘focal point’ whether a bank of appliances or island unit to set the tone and then add colour through walls, accessories and lighting for a seamless feel.”

ANN ONIONS, Sales and Marketing Manager, Westin:“As cooker hood specialists, we at Westin usually see
two key ways to use colour
in your kitchen. To make a statement, opt for high impact colour in your units, cooker hood and other appliances, i.e. colour match your hood and have a themed colour throughout. This then looks best against neutral coloured walls. Alternatively, inject colour into the kitchen’s design, for example, a black and white monochrome kitchen could feature a slab style cooker hood, with a black slab and white chimney. This brings ashes of colour rather than overall blocks of colour. Our popular ceiling extractors can be painted in the same colour as the ceiling, so the unit becomes invisible, as ‘one’ with the colour choice.” 

Featured: This kitchen scheme combines the ALNOPLAN tall cabinetry in a neutral Katthult pine-effect and ALNOFINE central island in a Lime Green finish. Though subtle, the pastel Lime Green shade makes a colourful statement by its placement against the pale almost-white backdrop. The cantilevered breakfast bar ensures the kitchen maintains a very contemporary aesthetic, while the addition of the inset green open shelving in the ALNOPLAN cabinetry, continues the green theme throughout the kitchen and maintains visual focus on the attractive green elements. The overall effect crafts a clever illusion – with the pale backdrop giving the pastel green colour added vibrancy. ALNO /