kb-network    Opinion 29 Mar 2017

Does size really matter? Grahame Morrison on the fight against the UK’s smallest bathrooms

When it comes to British bathrooms, the world is an expert – or so it would seem. “They are so small”, our continental cousins are wont to smirk, while our friends across the pond find it impossible to understand how we can possibly function in a home without at least one bathroom per person plus an extra one just in case a visitor drops in.

It seems that the UK bathroom designer is fighting a continuous war against small bathrooms, but if you think the average UK bathroom is a bit on the small side, how on earth do you tackle updating or installing an en-suite facility?

One of the main secrets to success in any size of bathing space, even if you have the acreage of a French chateau’s bathroom in which you flex your design skills, is in careful product selection.

Picture shows: Versital faux marble shower installation.

For further information about make the most of the space in an en-suite bathroom, see the February issue of Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine.

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