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Schüller explains how not to get stressed in the kitchen this Christmas


When it comes to Christmas an outdated kitchen can make it a traumatic time of year. Wayne Dance, Managing Director at InHouse – distributor of Schüller kitchens – has given his top tips on how to make sure your kitchen is Christmas-ready…

Quick fix kitchens rarely fit

If you want a kitchen fit for Christmas, don’t opt for the quick fix. From missing fittings to incorrect measurements, sagging doors to creaking drawers, flat packs are fraught with potential error and the end result can be costly.

The one stop shop

The best solution is a one-stop approach, allowing you to hand over the entire job to a reputable kitchen retailer and let them take care of ordering, co-ordinating, installation and delivery. It often costs less and frees you up to concentrate on planning the perfect Christmas.

The best kitchens are off the back of a lorry

Delivery is important and December is not the time to be fretting over the reliability of third-party couriers, so try and look for a company with its own dedicated manufacturer and delivery service.

Every new kitchen needs a honeymoon period

Aim for installation by the second week of December. This allows a period to get used to your new space, practice some recipes and all in time for basting the turkey on Christmas morning

Space is essential

Adding more space doesn’t have to mean more floor space. Schüller kitchens are designed using a grid system with variable plinths heights and cabinet depths. In a 2000mm x 3000mm L-shape kitchen, you can gain the equivalent storage space of adding an extra 600mm base unit.

Practical parties

If there is ever a time to invite friends and family around, it’s at Christmas; integrating some simple seating is a practical idea and instantly creates a sociable space.

Let’s face it, come to the New Year you are more likely to hibernate than party, so there is no better time to redesign your kitchen than before the festivities commence.


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