Designer    Opinion 20 Sep 2017

Ian Haigh of Central Design Studio discusses the design behind two renowned restaurants

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“Our two most recent restaurant projects are both very different on paper: Salt + Pickle is a small start-up in Crystal Palace, one which we have also gone in on as investors, and Keepers in Bristol which is a hotel restaurant owned and operated by Mercure hotels, part of the Accor group. “With both though, we had the same aim which was to create a neighbourhood restaurant that felt very natural; a space that didn’t look over-designed, and ultimately was just a great place to hang out in. Our approach is quite different to a lot of other design companies, as we care far more about how a space feels rather than just what it looks like. Creating the right atmosphere can be difficult as it involves a lot of different elements, whether it’s the lighting, or the materials you use, or the acoustics. Every sensory experience plays a part.

“Everything we do has a relaxed and informal quality to it, but we try not to follow trends if possible – something which is very difficult in the age of Pinterest and Instagram. Design now is truly global, and you do see the same inspiration in a lot of projects, whether it’s a patterned floor or a curved brass detail, and you can almost always tell which Pinterest image it comes from.”


Central Design Studio |
Published in Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine
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