kb-network    Opinion 21 Jun 2017

“I get annoyed when many blame manufacturers” exclaims BMA CEO Yvonne Orgill

Yvonne Orgill, CEO at The Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA), has expressed her feelings of frustration towards poor product installations.

Commenting on the problem of ‘Leaky Loo’s’, Yvonne remarked “To put the record straight – any product will leak or fail if its of poor design and quality, does not meet the legal requirement, and is installed by ‘Fred’ up the road.”

She continued “Manufacturers, retailers, and merchants have a legal obligation to sell ‘fit for purpose’ product that is compliant, and the consumer has a legal obligation to ‘install’ the said product by a competent installer.”

Yvonne went on to reference the industry’s statistics, stating “Over 1.8 million WCs are sold every year, of which 75% are dual flush and allegedly 4% leak – ask yourself why?”

“I get annoyed when many blame manufacturers of poor quality for inferior product that has been installed by an unprofessional.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Yvonne’s thoughts, or do you think there is another explanation for the 4% of ‘leaky loo’s’?

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