Utopia    Opinion 06 Apr 2017

How to craft a ravishing retro bathroom while avoiding the less luxurious seventies style


Interior designer and author of blog ‘Dear Designer’, Carole King, was inspired by the recent trends survey compiled by Bathrooms.com, to give her best hints and tips on creating a truly desirable retro scheme.

Combine greenery with industrial touches: a subtle potted fern can work well for this, though more dramatic larger plants are also an option. They will look fantastic with rustic, industrial lights, taps and accessories, while being perfectly suited to the humid atmosphere of bathrooms.

A vanity fair: mirrors work magic in a space, and are usually used to add depth to the room. Alongside this, multiple intriguing retro shaped mirrors will make a visual centrepiece.

Victorian flooring: bold print floor tiles are making a mass impact on this year’s trends. Usually used in crafting a Moroccan-inspired scheme, Carole King suggests that traditional heavily patterned designs dating back to the Victorian era, will work wonderfully to add a retro twist.

Going underground: Metro tiles are being prominently featured in modern kitchens and bathrooms. Inspired by tiles originally used within the London underground, their rich heritage will ensure a traditional aesthetic, while using a dark grout will add a modern twist.

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