Utopia    Opinion 08 Nov 2017

Hettich’s latest trend report says the reign of the all-white kitchen is over!


Times are changing in the kitchen, and it seems the staple trends we’ve long relied upon are taking a back seat. But panic not, there’s a new top trend that is taking the industry by storm: dark and dramatic blacks.

Hettich’s ‘Living Space Kitchen’ trend report found that kitchens of 2018 will feature furniture and appliances adorned with classical black surfaces. The refrigerator is the only exception to this domination of dark and dramatic colours, with fridges focusing on bright accent colours.

The darker finishes and surfaces are said to feel surprisingly homely, and work perfectly in the ever-popular open-plan live-in kitchen. Alongside the expected rise of smart and connected appliances, Hettich’s report also discovered a huge concertation on multifunctional and smart movement furniture. Sliding doors in are particularly practical and add a dynamic element to the kitchen front, while height adjustable elements are gentle on the back and demonstrate how ergonomic and easily accessible storage space can be.

Smart, savvy and sophisticated – Hettich’s 2018 trend predictions will certainly make for a stylish kitchen.

Hettich | hettich.com