Utopia    Opinion 19 Jun 2017

Hear what designer Rebecca Hughes has to say about this season’s hottest trends


Do you have any favourite trends this year?

One of the hottest trends from last year was the influence of Moroccan souks, it is still going strong today and promises to get even bigger in 2017. Our favourite and most versatile Moroccan item is the original fluffy Berber rug. These traditional floor coverings feature hand-dyed patterns in pale white and cream hues, they add warmth and are so luscious you may not even want to walk on them. I am currently addicted to the products of ‘Bert & May’, particularly their handmade tiles. These are a great way of adding pattern to a space.

What do you think of the hygge style? Do you think it be a long-lasting trend?

Ultimately ‘hygge’ relates to creating a certain atmosphere in the home. We aim to create ‘home’ for all of our clients. This is incredibly personal and ultimately should be a space in which they feel comfortable, at ease and reflects their personality. Although there is a certain look emerging reflective of ‘hygge’ at the moment, I think the idea behind ‘hygge’ has always been imperative to creating homes our clients love and enjoy living in.

In your opinion, how much does fashion influence interior design in general, and your own designs in particular? 

Trends in fashion and interior design have always evolved together, hand in hand. With blush pinks making a comeback in fashion quickly followed by an interior craze. The comeback of trimmings followed by textures such as ruffles and ruching becoming the trend of the season. Of course, we love to have the opportunity to use the latest trends; however, we always strive to create a scheme that incorporates our client’s personality. This is often not reflective of the latest trends.

Rebecca Hughes | rebeccahughesinteriors.com