Designer    Opinion 13 Apr 2017

What is ‘good’ design? Julia Kendall talks about influences and the definition of good design

Defining good design seems an almost impossible task, but there are some elements which are essential elements to consider. When discussing this notion with Julia Kendell, at this year’s National Tile Week, she said;

“In terms of design, I was a simple mum for many years, struggling to run a business, and so my home had to be functional, easy to maintain and yet beautiful. I would never put something into a family home that wouldn’t be suitable or feasible for them now or in the future. For me good design is about a sense of permanence, that will last for its owners and even if it follows the latest trends, it does so in a way which suits the owners personally, so they will love it forever, not just for while the trend persists. I’m also a big advocate for accessible homes; everyone deserves a beautiful home which works for them. So no matter the budget, it’s always possible to find a creative solution that fits both home and owner.”

Julia Kendell |