Utopia    Opinion 12 Apr 2017

Founder of the London Basin Company, Anna Callis, gives her tips on statement small bathrooms


Anna Callis believes that, although small, compact bathrooms can still pack a punch. For creating a chic smaller space, consider…

  • Clever storage: to keep the space clean and clutter free, concealed storage solutions can provide plentiful space with discreet design. Shallow shelving and touch-to-open cupboards are both good choices.


  • Mirrors: the age-old trick of using mirrors still works – by their reflection, they add depth to a space, making it seem larger. Consider a contemporary option such a mirrored wall cladding, or combine antique styles with plain glass.


  • Colour: painting or cladding one or two walls may make the room seem smaller, however, going all or nothing when it comes to colour will align to either a minimal, neutral scheme or characterful colour-filled space.


  • Decorative finishes: look at laser cut designs in metal or wood, to add to walls or cupboard fronts. This will add texture to the space, as smaller bathrooms can work the ‘treasure trove’ look quite well.


  • Lighting: task lighting around the basin or vanity area is essential, while the remainder of the room can use subtly diffused lighting for a calm setting.


  • Design features: one the colour and scheme is decided, consider incorporating one or two remarkable products that will provide a focal point for the room.


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