Utopia    Opinion 29 May 2017

From the experts’ – advice from top designers on how to create the perfect industrial look


“Natural materials, such as oak cabinets, will add warmth while dark rustic finishes create contrast and give an edgy feel to a space inspired by the past but designed for the future.”

Fred Horlock, Kitchen Designer, Neptune.

Victoria Harrison, editor of leading home renovation and design platform houzz.co.uk, says industrial kitchens are becoming more popular with their website members, but rather than going for an all-out industrial look, they’re choosing to add industrial elements instead. “People are incorporating smaller elements of the industrial style into their upgrades,” she said. “For instance, stainless steel appliances are very popular but are often installed with classic white cabinets. Black stainless steel is also having
a moment and will be included in nearly one in ten of updated kitchens and of those homeowners who update their wall finishes, 9% opted for exposed brick.”



“The industrial trend for kitchens has been growing for some years. Bare fixtures and metal finishes make it easier to adapt and add to. It’s the modern investment kitchen that can easily be updated over time.”

Cyril Raberin, UK Franchise Director, Mobalpa Kitchens.



“The industrial aesthetic is very popular and has been for a few years now. It’s a ‘must-have look’ for the bathroom, with its eclectic mix of traditional, contemporary and urban elements. Combining exposed brickwork with a pared down colour palette, it has evolved to include metallic finishes for the new season, adding a touch of glamour and elegance.”

Paul Dwyer, Managing Director, Thomas Crapper & Co.

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