Utopia    Opinion 02 May 2017

Designers Pia Rosling and Izel Venhar discuss how they created their stunning recent project


If you were inspired by Sola Kitchen’s ‘Project Runway’ design, featured in Utopia’s May 2017 issue, take a look at these quick tips on how they worked cool and contemporary into the kitchen…

What would you advise when working with an older, Victorian property?

“Victorian houses usually have narrow, long rooms which are always a challenge, especially when the owner of the house wants to have a dining, kitchen, island and seating area in the same room. My advice is to work with the length of the room and try not to achieve too much; both the dining and seating area could get compromised otherwise.”

Pia Rosling, design director, Sola Kitchens


The kitchen is such a large space, which element do you think does, and should, stand centre stage?

“Our black stained oak Form 1 island is the real focal point of
the room. We wanted to create not only a kitchen, but a space which reflected the homeowner’s Scandinavian roots. Linear details emphasise the geometry of the room and Dinesen flooring. The texture of each solid slat of wood brings warmth to the monochrome room.”

Izel Venhar, Designer, Sola Kitchens


How did you make sure the kitchen was practical as well as simply stylish?

“We designed a wall of tall cabinetry to host everything from a crockery larder, food larder and breakfast station, to a duo of ovens. We also positioned the gas hob and sink against the back wall to allow the island to stay as clean as possible – this is essential for a family kitchen, which will be constantly in use.”



Sola Kitchens | solakitchens.com
Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine