Utopia    Opinion 05 Jun 2017

From the designer – hear Colin Wong’s advice on creating the perfect serene kitchen scheme

“It is often too easy for homeowners and their chosen designers to rely purely on their kitchen and bathroom product choices to create their desired effect. The risk of pursuing this chosen route is that it will often lead
to spaces feeling impersonal and somewhat common. Look past these products and look at these spaces holistically; introduce architectural elements to create a more bespoke and considered design.”

Colin Wong, designer and director, Development Direct

The Soft Taupe and Pearl Grey colour combination of the Hacker ‘Laser’ furniture beautifully contrasts against the warmth of the American walnut details. While the vibrant teal wall on the far right of the room adds a quirky splash of colour, character and life into the contemporary space.

Placing the Franke ‘Largo’ sink and its luxury companion, the Franke ‘Mondial’ boiling water tap, which has a contemporary silk steel finish, in an alcove amongst the tall cabinetry separates the cleaning area from the cooking area, to create two distinct zones. The two zones still craft a niche working triangle, so everything for the chef is in close proximity.

Development Direct | developmentdirect.co.uk
Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine