Utopia    Opinion 09 Jun 2017

These daring homeowners designed their own exotically inspired bathroom, and the result is phenomenal!


“It’s really only the use of the marble as a material that echoes our early ideas
of a hammam. But, just as it did for the Ottomans, it feels right for our bathroom. It is clean, luxurious and yet functional.” Homeowners

Top-to-toe marble in such a relatively small space could have looked over the top, but the clever choice of colours – using a rich colour to highlight parts of the floor and around the door frames with a more subdued white with grey on the walls and remainder of the floor – creates a striking but not overwhelming aesthetic. The combination of the colours in the marble connects a simple, clean and modern shape with the inspiration of the hammam. It is functional yet luxurious.

“The challenge was how to fit the homeowners vision into a 5.7m by 3m modern box without it looking over- ornate. The result was, in design terms, quite a bit simpler than a typical hammam but the stone and the colour, for us, captured the spirit of the inspiration.” Jon Mitchell, Fox Marble Plc

The homeowners worked with the team at Fox Marble Plc, using their polished marble collections.

Fox Marble | foxmarble.net
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