kb-network    News 23 Sep 2016

Zanussi Celebrate their 100 year anniversary: A century of quality appliance production

Zanussi turned 100 years old this year, 2016. To celebrate this milestone, earlier this year it launched an, integrated campaign across key retail channels to highlight its rich history as one of the most creative and exciting brands in the industry.

“Zanussi is a brand that represents the zeitgeist of many generations. Everyone can remember a Zanussi appliance in the backdrop at one time in their life.” said Vanessa Holloway, the senior consumer marketing manager at Zanussi. “From a hand-made, wood-burning oven produced in a corner of Italy to more than six million units sold each year; Zanussi is a company that has earned consumer trust through its cutting-edge design, innovation and outstanding quality over the last 100 years.”

When a young Antonio Zanussi set up a small workshop of stoves and wood burning ovens in the village of Pordenone in 1916, the first acorn of a global company was planted. It was over the next four years that Antonio took advantage of the growing export market and, with the help of his son, Lino, catapulted his brand into the modern industrial era. Lino introduced new, highly efficient production processes and focused on product innovation to capitalize on the European market.

In the 100 years that followed Zanussi’s original appliances there have been several milestones, including bringing the first gas cooker into the homes of thousands of European families in the 1950’s, but it was within the laundry category in the 1980s that Zanussi harnessed a concept that revolutionised laundry appliances; the Jetsystem. This new spray-wash technology enabled water and energy consumption to be matched automatically to the size of the wash load.

Many of its competitors have since produced their own variations of the intelligent Jetsystem concept said Zanussi, and today, the Jetsystem is an integral part of all Zanussi washing machines.

As one of the first white good brands to pioneer a mass-market strategy, it is no surprise that Zanussi is an early adopter, embracing the digital age to engage with consumers. Through digital and social media, the brand is bringing its ‘Easy Tips’ into the homes of consumers by offering simple and fun advice for everyday tasks. Easy Tips represent what is at the core of the Zanussi brand – practical solutions that free up time for the consumer.

Whether it’s a quick way of peeling vegetables, or a tip for preventing waste, Zanussi offers friendly, humble advice that makes our domestic lives easier and 2016 will see even more tips released to celebrate Zanussi’s birthday.

Picture shows: Antonio Zanussi’s Pordenone Wood burning stove with hot-plate